Official Rensair Representative

Clean Air has never been so Important

So now protect your business against Covid 19 with a Rensair Covid purification used by the NHS

AirTekMed is representing Rensair, a hospital-grade air purification system made portable, originally built for hospitals in Scandinavia and now being successfully sold worldwide.

Now, with the current pandemic, Rensair has been made available to the NHS and other organizations such as hospitals, care homes, gyms, and prominent companies such as GSK, Bentley, city council offices and universities such as UCL. Rensair units are being installed to help create safer and worry-free spaces for their customers and staff.

Unlike other air purifiers on the market, Rensair is proven to be >99.7% effective at killing & removing air- borne pathogens such as the coronavirus, allergens, dust, mould spores, yeast and odours. This is very important, as COVID-19 is now proven to by transmitted by air.

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